“The Acting Lesson” – Praise & Reviews!

Interview with Kitty Hendrix – NYTheatre.com

Interview with Joshuah Patriarco – NYTheatre.com

Interview with Laurie Rae Waugh – NYTheatre.com


This cast of two left me on the edge of my seat for the entire show. They worked off each other perfectly, and captured the essence of their characters. You can see a lot of Brando in Joshuah’s performance, but he also have off this air of Freddy Quell, which is Joaquin Phoenix’s character in the recent film “The Master”. Read the entire  review! – by ‘Honest John’

“The Acting Lesson is a Powerful,Witty,Heartfelt,Funny piece of work and I applaud your ability to get all of those emotions across! It akes a great writer like Wesley St.John to write a great play…your performance and direction have truly given a heart beat!”

-Pam Manno

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