Jessica was nominated for a Princess Grace Award in the category of Directing, 2011, for her ROMEO & JULIET.  She is a Jean Dalrymple winner for her direction of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, 2010.  Audience vote award winner for short-plays she has directed: THE DANCE McCABE and ALL ABOUT LORRIE.

Her newest project is a female-driven family drama: KILLING MOM by Meghan Smith-Harris.

She has directed 6 classical productions including Chekov and Shakespeare, and brought to stage many world-premiers. Off-Broadway: SM/AD for GUARDING THE BRIDGE; director for THE GREEN ROOM. Much of her current work is protected by the Actor’s Equity guidelines an cannot be filmed.  Here is an excerpt from her past work:

Mercutio-Tybalt duel: Romeo & Juliet, 2010

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2018 Reviews: The Cherry Orchard – Stage Buddy &  Outer-Stage.

2019 Press / Showtones for Phil Paradis’ play in festival Footprints of the Polar Bear & Eco-Centric Plays (Jessica Directed the short “Natural Rarities Up for Bid.”