Meet CINDY ~ a Ripple Effect Artists Board Member

Cindy Fahay
Cindy Fahay – Board Member

Why not support your political hopes through theater?

Once every 4 years we, as Americans, have the privilege of choosing how we want to see our country run and who we believe can best get that done.

Ripple Effect Artists is producing Waiting for Lefty, by Clifford Odetes, a play dealing with political and social issues ranging from joblessness to union rights. It is a timely piece and poignantly being presented six days before we all go to the polls.

Over the past several months we have been barraged with pleas for financial contributions for campaigns and candidates. Many of us have given. But perhaps another  equally relevant way to support political aspirations is to invest in the arts and theater that help us understand and identify with many of the issues we value.

A portion of the proceeds for Waiting for Lefty will be going to The League of Women Voters, an association whose major work involves getting people educated,  registered and out to vote. Supporting Ripple Effect Artists and Waiting for Lefty not only is a  way of saying you want to continue to witness relevant theatrical work but also want to support our democratic system that only works if we are educated and involved.

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