Meet SARAH ~ Assistant Director on “Waiting for Lefty”

Sarah M. Chichester
Sarah M. Chichester, Assistant Director & Stage Manager

For me, working on a play that has had such a strong part in early 20th century theatre is an incredible experience. Back in the 30’s the original production was loosely based on the NYC taxi cab strike and it inspired so many people to fight for what they deserve. While with our production, we are proving how this play is timeless and still relates to us today, since we have set some of the scenes in today’s time as well as between the 30’s and now, using different jobs and situations to question if unions really do work. We also set our production in Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, making the different characters throughout the generations related to one another; in some cases the same actors playing multiple members of their family and the same character played by two different actors (one older/one younger); which really ties in a very connected and unified feel to the entire production (I also appreciate this because I’ve never had my Brooklyn accent be so helpful in a show before).


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