Meet EDNA ~ Ripple Effect Artists bring you a look inside ‘Waiting for Lefty’

Kate Tenetko is: EDNA
Kate Tenetko is: EDNA

Some days are easier then others. Some days feel entirely hopeless. Emmy is doing great in school, smartest kid in the 3rd grade. I don’t know what to tell her anymore whenever she asks why she gotta wear the same dress 4 days in a row. She says the kids point at her and laugh at her. Ive decided to give her one of my dresses. Bobby was such a great little helper. He helped me cut and trim and resow the dress to fit Emmy. She looked like a daisy on a spring day. Twirlin around like a ballerina. Wish Joe woudda seen it. At the same time he might not be so happy about it since it was my wedding dress. It was worth it. Some days are easier then others. But those little moments are worth it.


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